Christmas Tree Harvest Has Started

For faster turns placing the hook directly in the workers hand is very important

Its that time of year again, time for a uniquely Oregon experience.  Aerial Christmas tree harvesting was developed just a few miles from our home here in Salem Oregon during the mid 1970’s.   At the time, Oregon was not the largest producer of Christmas Trees like it is now.  The development of aerial harvesting allowed the Oregon tree farmers to grow in size and scale.  They were able to utilize less desirable land and harvest more trees in our difficult early winter conditions.   Our weather is great for tree growth but challenging for conventional harvest methods.

I was first introduced to helicopter aerial harvesting as a boy while on a family tree farm.   Thru the years I’ve done nearly every physical task associated with tree farming from the planting of a seedling all the way thru to sales and delivery of a tree at a retail location.  I guess it was inevitable that I would end up being an aerial harvester.

High Visibility Hook is easier for workers to see and remotely operated by the pilot

What’s involved?   Well,  a lot more than just a hook and a helicopter.  The pace is fast, this is the fastest paced external load flying in the world.  More lift operations per hour and per day than any other helicopter operation on earth.    It needs to be done efficiently to satisfy customers who are generally small business owners with an eye on the bottom line.  It also needs to be done safely.   The demands go far beyond these two things.  We understand all challenges and concerns, and have learned quite a few tricks over the years to improve our clients bottom line and satisfaction.

Here at Big Tree Aviation, this type of work is our specialty.   We were raised around this type of work and understand the needs of our clients.  We are fast and we are safe.  We understand the crop and the farmer.  Many of our friends are tree farmers, we are even tree farmers ourselves.  If our customer is new to aerial tree harvesting we will show them how to do it safely and efficiently.  If our client is more experienced, we will combine forces to increase your operation’s professionalism, safety, and production levels.   We are glad to serve our clients during their busiest season.  Each tree has at least 6-10 years of work and resources invested in it.  We take great pride in helping our friends bring their product to market.   If you would like a hand with your aerial harvest or have a few questions  give us a call or email