Whisper Jets for your Orchard

The Whisper Jet – a medium lift aircraft ideally suited for Orchards and other tasks

Big Tree recently upgraded our fleet by adding two Sikorsky Whisper Jet Helicopters to better serve our Orchard growers. These machines feature a massive 53 foot rotor span so they can move huge amounts of air. In the orchard this size is a huge advantage. Our rotors diameter is 10-20% larger than a Huey helicopter, depending on model.

Experts may recognize the profile of our Whisper Jets as being based off of the Sikorsky S-55. Good eye! But the Whisper Jet is a fully modernized and updated version of this Cold War Era machine. Our Whisper Jets were completely overhauled with all new components installed and zero timed. While the machines were being restored they underwent a significant modification and upgrade programs. Modern Jet turbine engines upgraded over the original piston radial type, as well as many upgrades to increase performance and safety while decreasing pilot workload.

Why is it called a Whisper Jet? Because Whisper Jet technology was applied to these aircraft to reduce noise signatures. Main rotor system upgrades, insulated carbon fiber nose doors, sound absorbing wafers installed in the revised air intakes, an exhaust silencer and many other tricks were applied to quiet these machines. When the project was complete, these Whisper Jet helicopters were certified as the quietest medium lift helicopters ever created.

In the nose of the Whisper Jet resides a Jet Turbine engine with engineered noise suppression systems installed

The size of this machine and its ability to move air on your orchrard, combined with its modern reliability make these machine an obvious choice for you. One final advantage, the reduced noise signature makes it easier to go unnoticed. This can help reduce noise and neighbor concerns, making your life a little easier, all while doing a great job of servicing your orchard

Another of our Whisper Jets parked next to Big Tree’s Bell 206 at Salem Airport

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  1. We’ve used Hueys for years but the Whisper Jet did a really good job. We are very happy and were impressed by how much quieter it was.

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