Orchard Specialists

Our Jet Ranger along side one of the Big Tree Whisper Jets

When your trees need us we will be there.

Your trees and their harvest is the most important thing to your business. We treat them with the same care. If you are needing protection from rain or frost, the most important thing is that the people and equipment you’re relying upon are reliable. Our fleet consists of machines that have been modernized, well maintained and upgraded. They are the finest orchard ready aircraft, and we keep them in perfect tune everyday so they are ready to serve you when that weather event occurs.

The Right tools for the job

Most orchardists are familiar with the tools of the trade. Our Bell Jet Ranger helicopter has been a popular choice for many years, when you have the right size farm it is a very good combination of capability, reliability, and cost.

For larger Orchards the Whisper Jet is a great choice. This machine features a larger rotor diameter than nearly any aircraft available to this industry. The Whisper Jet moves massive amounts of air to dry your crop or defrost those trees. The Whisper Jet is a Big Tree Aviation exclusive. Originally a Sikorsky these machines have been reengineered and reimagined for working in a modern world. Each of these aircraft has undergone a complete mechanical restoration and modernization. What that means to our clients, a giant helicopter that moves tons of air and covers a wide swath…but with modern helicopter reliability.